Statement Stuffers

Shape Up Your Statement Stuffers

Statement stuffers are a great way to increase your marketing mileage and add an extra promotional piece to an existing mailing such as a monthly invoice or statement, without adding additional postage fees or the hassle of a separate mailing. While it's hard to beat the efficiency of a standard statement stuffer, you can make them stand out and get noticed even more by using a unique, attention grabbing die cut shape!
Die cutting lets you create a limitless range of contours - from unconventional corners to perfect circles to the outline of an image or logo. The real benefit of using a die cut shape is getting the recipient to do a double-take and take a closer look at what you have to offer. Sometimes those critical few seconds mean the difference between your promotional piece being read or thrown straight in the garbage.
Die cut statement stuffers are a great way to draw attention to important events, create excitement about product releases, or simply create a more memorable brand. Die cuts can be made in an outline of your logo, signify the shape of your product (such as the shape of a car), or simply add distinction to a printed piece. To increase your marketing real estate, use both sides of the statement stuffer.

You may even consider a folded statement stuffer with a die-cut window for your message to shine through, or a perforated, tear-away coupon. If you'd like your customer to hang on to your stuffer, consider affixing a magnet to the back.

If custom die cuts aren't in your budget, you can still use prefabricated dies to achieve many unique effects. Let us know if you need help getting started on an idea your customers will love!